Mr. Romain Huet General Manager Harris Hotel & Convention Malang

Please introduce yourself & whats your activity now ?
My name is Romain Huet and i have been assigned as General Manager of Harris Hotel and Convention Malang since the month of May 2018.

What is the meaning of birthday For you or your beloved one?
For my wife and and I, birthday always mean something little bit special, far from our comfort zone. For instance for my 32nd birthday, we
went all of a sudden to Japan to climb the summit of mount Fuji during winter season. Couple of years ago, it was a trip to the Annapurna base camp that we organized in a last minute for my wife birthday.

What special surprise that you want to give to your beloved, which you have not had time to give?
If i tell you here and my wife read this article then it’s not going to be a surprise for her anymore so i have to keep it secret.

What is your special and romantic moments that you ever got / when you celebrate your birthday?
I am not really a big fan of surprise for birthday or romantic things. As long as i am beside my love one it’s already the most important. What we do or where we are is secondary.

In the 10th anniversary of citymagz what do you want to say?
“I wish for citymagz a lot of challenge to come with success and great time for this special time of 10 years”